Winter Wellness Part 1: Decreasing Activity

Winter is the perfect time to go within and conserve energy. Of all the seasons, winter is considered to be the most yin. Yin is an energy that has many associations including cold temperature, the feminine principle, stillness and receptivity. During this time of “shorter days” or less sunlight, less activity is key. This makes sense as from a Traditional Asian Medicine standpoint, the sun is associated with yang energy, which has many characteristics including heat and activity.

Living in the 21st century, it can take a lot of effort to reduce activity. Obviously most of us aren’t able to take off from work for a season, but this principle can be incorporated by decreasing your activity. Two keys ways to do this are to hang out less late and get more sleep. This is just the opposite during the summer months when our qi is closer to the surface and it is more in alignment to hang out for longer periods of time. During winter our qi goes deeper in our bodies and we should follow it, in whatever way we can, so this season hibernate as much as you can!

Stay safe and love being a woman,
Dr. Danett

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