Improving Maternal Health Outcomes and Longevity

We can save the mamas.


Save The Mamas

Whether you ever plan to be a mother or not, maternal health impacts us all. The absence of mothers from maternal mortality leaves a gaping hole in partners hearts, families and communities. Maternal morbidity deeply affects mothers, their families and all of their communities.

Postnatal Depletion (also known as Depleted Mother Syndrome, DMS Postpartum Nutritional Depletion Postpartum Exhaustion) is a condition that can affect mothers after giving birth. Not to be confused with Postpartum Depression, which can be quite serious and enormously impact mothers, their families and communities.

While Postpartum Depression is still a very serious and important issue, it is more commonly known. It is essential for there to be more widespread awareness and understanding of the ways in which mothers may experience physical issues with their health that can impact both their short and long term wellness.

To decrease maternal mortality, morbidity and postnatal depletion, it’s effects and improve maternal health and longevity let's:

Work preventively, and improve the health of the woman prior to and post pregnancy.

Stay informed and get involved. (This list is far from complete and will be updated periodically).


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