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Healthy Birth Preparation using Acupressure!

Acupressure for Pain Relief in Labour

Replenish Soup Herbs

According to the wisdom of Traditional Asian Medicine, women have a tendency towards blood deficiency. When the energy of the blood is healthy, benefits include more energy, healthy skin, hair, vision and overall well-being.

- With a history of heavy periods
- Nourishment after childbirth
- Post gyn-surgery

A Taste of Our Own Medicine ($11.99)

Essential reading for any future or current mothers and fathers, for those who care about them and our communities!

A Taste of Our Own Medicine has lots of practical/ useful advice, correctly identifies our culture/ societal neglect as the primary reason women struggle post-partum, and gives ideas on how to confront those issues as well. Will be recommending/ buying extras to lend to doula clients and pregnant friends!”

Kathryn McFadden, NICU Nurse & Certified Post-Partum Care Specialist

Available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle and Audiobook!


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