Nourish mother’s health to rebuild
from pregnancy, labor and
to promote longevity

Replenish Soup Herbs

One of the most important things we can do for our health as women is to keep the energy of our blood strong. In Traditional Asian Medicine, the energy of the blood is key in our well-being, affecting energy level, hair, skin, eye health, aging and more.

This special formulation of herbs help women of all ages to rebuild their energy and vitality. Excellent for those who:

- Have a history of heavy periods
- Would like nourishment after childbirth
- Want to improve their recovery post gyn-surgery

Can be made with bone broth as a base, or vegetable broth for those whom are vegetarian.

Available in weekly, monthly and seasonal (3 months supply). Suggested use: 1 bag per week. Free shipping and handling

Book Herb Bundle ($32)

This bundle includes a hard copy of the online bestseller "A Taste Of Our Own Medicine and one bag of Replenish Soup Herbs. Perfect gift for new moms

A Taste of Our Own Medicine ($11.99)

Essential reading for any future or current mothers and fathers, for those who care about them and our communities!

A Taste of Our Own Medicine has lots of practical/ useful advice, correctly identifies our culture/ societal neglect as the primary reason women struggle post-partum, and gives ideas on how to confront those issues as well. Will be recommending/ buying extras to lend to doula clients and pregnant friends!”

Kathryn McFadden, NICU Nurse & Certified Post-Partum Care Specialist

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle version!

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