YB Blogs December Ovulation Less SexDisclaimer: Every relationship and person is unique. If you are trying to conceive, or have particular needs that met be expressed through intercourse, by all means proceed.

Given the winter months, are a time of less sunlight, as previously discussed, curtailing activity is important for being in alignment with this season. This also includes, sexual activity. Now, before you think I’m hating, let me give you the reasons why, and you as always decide for yourself.

Our sexual energy is stored in our kidneys. Seasonally, this is a time to protect the kidneys, so not taking energy from them is important in overall health and preventive care. It is a time to go within and give yourself, including your yoni a break. Some might ask, what else would I do, inside all of those months? All the things that you would want to do during the warmer months, but you were outside enjoying the warm weather. Winter is the perfect time for personal projects, catching up on reading, and of course hibernating.

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