Keeping It In Harmony

This program offerings change based on the season.


Make the precious time of pregnancy through delivery as healthy as possible with our recommended protocols. During pregnancy take exceptional quality supplements that promote healthy mood and wellness for you, and brain development for your baby.

At week 37 use clinically researched acupressure points to help promote a safe and efficient delivery. Then learn points to promote points that help relieve pain in labor.


Rebuilding your health in the postnatal time period can be essential for your mind and body short and long term wellness. Educate yourself and those around you on postnatal depletion and how to prevent with our online bestseller, A Taste Of Our Own Medicine.

Rebuild the blood and qi lost during pregnancy and labor with our delicious Replenish Soup Herbs. Replenish Soup Herbs are safe to take while nursing.



Conceive from your healthiest place for short and long term wellness.

First, wipe the slate clean with our Keeping It Clean organic 28 day detox that helps to get rid of toxins that can interfere with optimal hormone functioning. Learn key things that you can do to boost your fertility with our Fertility For Women 35 And Up Program.

Follow by taking Feminine Balance For Women 35 And Up, a blend of herbs that nourish energies key for conceiving.


Prepare for this amazing transition to help have a smooth menopause.

Begin with our Keeping It Clean organic 28 day detox to help reset hormones. This detox can also help to get rid of excess weight, or for further assistance with weight loss, take our recommended weight loss protocol which can help decrease health risks.

Lastly maintain a healthy balance of yin energy, which declines as menopause approaches with our recommended blend.

Healthy Aging

Who doesn’t want to age gracefully? Slow down the negative effects of aging with our recommended supplement protocol.

Our recommended supplements come from ingredients that are harvested in rich organic soil. Benefits can include: increased energy, cognition, cardiovascular and circulatory health, as well as improved bone density and eye health.


Become a Healthy

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