Healthy Aging

Slow down the negative effects
of aging and boost longevity

Healthy Aging Support

Age gracefully with Dr. Danett's favorite herbal blend to strengthen the whole body. This formulation promotes healthy circulation which according to Traditional Asian Medicine is key in slowing down the negative effects of aging.

Promotes vitality, cognition and immune system functioning. Take 1 tablet/2x daily. Month Supply. Cost $57.

Keeping It Juicy/Healing Vaginal Dryness Initial Pack ($192)

Initial Pack. Combat vaginal dryness and boost your health with Dr. Danett’s favorite herbal combination of internal and external herbs (herbal capsules and yoni steam herbs)

Best of all you get to strengthen the root cause of yoni (vaginal/womb) dryness, which also benefits other important aspects of health including vision and skin. 2 month supply.

Keeping It Juicy Maintenance Pack

Herbal maintenance pack to help maintain the health and moisture of your yoni, after you have completed the initial pack.

1 month supply. $44


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