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As women, we are always in cycles. These cycles vary based on our age and the ebb and flow of the energies within the body and create the reproductive stage you are in. Supporting your health based on the cycle you are in can greatly improve your wellness.

Our herbal products, programs and educational resources support where you are in your life cycle. We also offer natural solutions to help balance your health for the current season to fortify your health in this new normal and beyond. We believe that all mamas should get to be healthy and from this place of true health better able to achieve harmony in her life.

Maternal health is “the health of women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postnatal period”, with the postnatal period generally being defined as 6 weeks after giving birth. We believe that the time in which labor may affect postnatal life can go beyond 6 weeks.

Maternal mortality and maternal morbidity can forever affect the lives of mothers and their loved ones.

Our offerings are based on the ancient wisdom of Traditional Asian Medicine and the clinical experience of Danett Bean, DAAM (Doctor of Acupuncture & Asian Medicine). Our line of herbal products, programs and educational resources are based on Dr. Danett’s more than 20 years of clinical experience helping mothers and women get the health they desire and deserve.

Traditional chinese herbal medicine selection with mortar and pestle forming a background.

After nearly losing her life to postnatal complications, she is fully dedicated to improving mothers lives of all ages from young to old. To learn more about Dr. Danett Bean, click below.

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